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sourcing, fabrication and restoration
of original architectural features

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A constant pursuit of the modern, or just an attempt to limit cost, sadly means architectural details are lost in homes around the country everyday.

It needn't be this way though and for clients who wish to maintain this heritage and character in their property we will help plan and manage your restoration efforts.

During our consultation we will discuss which aspects of your property you are keen to restore or maintain.  We will photograph cornice, corbels and other plaster mouldings along with skirting and architrave profiles to fully audit the architectural characteristics of your property.

From here we can then advise on the availability of replacement options for damaged areas (e.g. re-moulding) or the sourcing of complimentary or sympathetic alternatives.

Once you are happy with the plan we will undertake all installation to the exacting standards of the original builders, to ensure cosmetically everything is as it should be.

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