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high quality dry lining, plastering
and skimming

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Poor quality plastering can have a huge impact on a room, instantly disappointing and wasting all the work and expense that has gone into a job.

Because this finishing so often reflects the rest of the job we take our dry lining and plastering seriously.  We don't want to see uneven, blemished and dimpled walls.  We want to see smooth, flat surfaces and sharp straight edges.

From boarding out with strong, rigid and flush plasterboard panels, to straight edging with beading, to the joining of boards with suitable tape, we will ensure the foundation is perfect before we mix an ounce of plaster.

Dry lined partition walls are an excellent way to build internal, non supporting walls that are strong, insulating and fireproof at a fraction of the cost of brick and stone.  We can even advise on heavily insulated and double skin walls for improved noise reduction (e.g. home studios).

Once all walls are skimmed and dried we will happily seal everything with Unibond or a watered emulsion so that you can start painting right away.

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